Sunday, October 10, 2010


In the documentary The Cove, directed by Louis Psihoyos, there's a scene where a panicked dolphin, who has already been slashed and speared, attempts to swim away from the wholesale slaughter of its family by psychotic Japanese fishermen. The dolphin struggles to get away as blood sprays from its wounded body until it finally bobs and rolls over giving way to violent death.

The slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, (official town website) is a daily affair. Thousands of dolphins are murdered in an area called the Cove, where the water turns crimson with blood every morning for no reason. The Japanese government sanctions the endless, senseless killing, where baby dolphins jump from the water in sheer terror as their families are beaten, stabbed and gored by boat hooks. The fishermen, who are diseased in mind and psychopathic, laugh as injured animals spray blood, drown and thrash for life.

Dolphins that survive are taken captive and shipped to waterparks and aquariums where they are imprisoned in tiny tanks and forced to either "swim" with people (who pay exorbitant rates to do this ridiculous act) or put on "shows" in water parks - like SeaWorld - around the world. (Don't buy into SeaWorld's platitudes about caring for the animals held prisoner at their parks. Conservation DOES NOT include holding animals captive in stressful situations. Orcas dying at SeaWorld are becoming commonplace...three senseless deaths in the past four months...)

The tanks at these parks are loud and small and dolphins, who - in their natural environment - typically swim upwards of 35 miles per day, are forced to swim in insanity-inducing circles while people scream and cheer at their tricks during expensive circus-like shows. The noise and lack of space causes unbelievable stress on these highly-intelligent animals, who often die as a result. Stress is also induced because these animals have witnessed the slaughter of their families and friends (dolphins are "pack" animals and highly dependent on one another for happy lives) and are now alone in tiny tanks, aquariums and parks.

Imagine being ripped from your family and friends (after seeing them slashed, stabbed and drowned) and put into a standing-room only cage that barely allows you to take a few steps during your waking hours. Imagine seeing your babies bludgeoned with baseball bats, stabbed with spears, throats slashed with knives.

So, I implore you:
  • DON'T participate in senseless slaughter and murder by visiting aquariums
  • DON'T support places like SeaWorld
  • DON'T participate in senseless slaughter and murder by "swimming" with dolphins
  • DON'T support any Japanese government initiatives until the practice of slaughtering dolphins (and other sea animals like whales and orcas) is deemed illegal
  • DON'T purchase Japanese vehicles (Toyota - are you listening?) until the practice of slaughtering dolphins (and other sea animals like whales and orcas) is deemed illegal
DO become enlightened. Watch The Cove. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

And take action.

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