Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Facebook or not to Facebook?

It really is a Shakespearean dilemma isn't it? I'm debating jumping on the Facebook train (not that you really care if I'm on Facebook or not) but I have my trepidations.

The tipping point for me to join may very well be based on an interview that I saw on 60 Minutes with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, which highlighted  the site's updated, new interface. And that new facelift looks like, well, a helluva lot of fun.

My main issue with joining: logging into it a lot more than I really have time for. Yes, there's potential addiction issues here.

And, of course, the self-serving nature of Facebook and the compulsion to become even more self-absorbed is always a danger (isn't this the very thing that people do find appealing about Facebook...friends, what friends? - its all about me, right? Isn't that really the deal?).

So here I am - stuck with this Shakespearean dilemma.

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