Monday, March 21, 2011


Do it yourself.

There was a documentary not long ago (2003) called "Tarnation," directed by Jonathan Caouette. He used found footage, Super-8 film, VHS tapes, audio tape, phone answering machine tapes, photos, etc., to tell the story of his relationship with his mother, who suffered from severe mental illness.

Caouette edited the film on iMovie software on a Mac.

The movie was distributed. Roger Ebert gave it his patented thumbs-up. Total production cost (not including distribution dough) for "Tarnation?" $218.32. The movie grossed over $500,000.

Caouette did it himself.

Amanda Hocking writes books and is self-published on formats like Amazon's Kindle. Hocking sells over 100,000 books a month without the help of a publishing house. Hocking has made over a million bucks doing this. Herself.

What have you done yourself lately?

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