Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting hammered

If you registered for an event - say a conference or a trade show - would you appreciate getting constant e-mail reminders of how great the show is going to be? Would you appreciate getting countless text messages with agenda reminders? Would these endless and futile communications turn you on or off?

Personally, if I've registered for an event, I've already made the decision to go based on what attending will do for me: discovering new concepts and applications that I can use on the job to make me more effective or how attending will impact my overall career and its upward (hopefully) trajectory.

Before clicking the "Register Here" button, I've already seen the event's agenda, considered the speakers, and know who else is attending. If these items are firing on all 8 cylinders and the price is right, I'm there.

Once I register I don't want to think about it until I'm at the event. With registration under my belt, I can go back to the job at hand - my job. On any given day, I receive anywhere between 250-500 e-mails, most of which are time-sucking inanities or requests deceptively marked "URGENT." And, yes, it takes time to delete all that crap.

So my point is this - I don't need endless e-mails pushed at me AFTER I've registered for an event. I get it. I know what to expect. I've seen the agenda and don't need countless recaps post-registration. These types of messages instill annoyance not excitement.

On this, I'll acquiesce...okay...I can handle two post-registration communications:
  1. My receipt/invoice generated upon payment.
  2. A day or so before the event, I'll accept one of those canned "Can't wait to see you!" messages with housekeeping info: i.e. proper attire, venue access and parking, and a link to more details on the event's website. 
More than that, if you keep hammering me, you may push me directly to that "Refund" button.

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