Monday, September 19, 2011

I don't give a shit about Netflix

And, obviously, they don't give a shit about me. But I am tired of all the consumer grousing about Netflix and their new and more expensive rental policy.

Either stream low-fi movies directly to your box or have superior quality DVDs and Blu-rays mailed to your house. Apparently, speed trumps quality because most people want to stream right now, instead of waiting for the disc. Netflix knows this so, basically, they're cutting off the disc arm of their business and placing DVD rental under something called Qwikster to add confusion to their newly adopted price raising policy. The streaming arm will be called Netflix. And it will win.

Netflix raised their rates but they don't owe me any convoluted explanations (like CEO Reed Hastings does here).

Just say it like it is: "We're basically the only game in town (Redbox is just an annoying gnat) - a corporation in it to make as much money from the consumer as we possibly can and the best way to do that is to double your monthy rates or give you half of your subscription for half the newly doubled price. Yes, we are fully aware that you, citizen consumer, are a sucker."

I'll stick with the disc option - quality trumps speed. But ultimately I'll probably acquiesce. Hopefully by the time I give in to streaming, the quality will be at disc levels (or, in the least, cable levels).

Or I'll just drop the service all together. It really doesn't matter much to me or Netflix.

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