Sunday, November 20, 2011


There was a time when people were allowed to smoke in movie theaters. There were actually smoking sections but smoke would still pervade throughout the theater. Its amazing the power big tobacco and rude smokers wielded over us unfortunates who didn't find taking the gamble - with lung cancer, emphysema, stench, premature wrinkles, destruction of brain cells, lung capacity, loss of memory, inability to partake in long walks, inability to run or do anything remotely athletic, inability to rationalize logically, and so much more - worth the nothingness you get in return for lighting up.

On the initial run of Wait Until Dark in 1967, during the final eight minutes of the film, theaters would shut down all extraneous lighting (including Exit lights), plunging the audience into complete darkness save for what was playing out on the screen. This little novelty worked - viewers became completely immersed in the world of a blind woman (Audrey Hepburn) being terrorized by psychopathic thugs led by Alan Arkin.

Funny. This poster for Wait Until Dark makes a politely pandering plea to smokers asking them to refrain from "lighting up" during this sequence as doing so will break the spell of the movie.

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