Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do movies need to move forward?

The trailer timeline sructure for the video game DEAD ISLAND is similar to Gaspar Noe's IRREVERSIBLE from 2002. Noe was able to sustain this construct for the film's length.

It is possible that DEAD ISLAND - if made into a feature - could work if presented in the same timeline structure as the trailer. But the challenge would be sustaining its momentum throughout.

Noe's film works in that you feel a forward momentum even though you are traveling back in time. But if the story and character development are strong enough in DEAD ISLAND, the film could be an emotionally, if not intellectually, engaging experience, particularly if the filmmakers are willing to subvert the notion that film is based on the idea of forward momentum.

Flashback? No. Flashbacks are typically constructed as character thought. DEAD ISLAND should not be delivered from a character's point of view as a memory.

The clip below isn't suitable for young kids or impressionable, easily disturbed adults.

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