Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hotel Chelsea pt. II

In June, when I made the long walk from my 5th Avenue hotel down to 23rd St. to vibe on the Chelsea, little did I know they were getting ready to shut the place down. I'm glad I snapped a handful of pics and got to walk under the infamous marquee.

Supposedly the hotel will be undergoing renovations and it is landmarked so it will probably retain its look but one never knows.

The Chelsea website remarks that the hotel is "currently closed." But what's interesting is the link called "Production Inquiries," which takes you to a page describing why its such a great place to shoot film and video. Not only does it provide atmospheric backdrop but has room enough for "hair and make-up or craft services."

They use a photo of actress Kate Winslet referring to a recent photo shoot she did at the hotel. But, historically, I'd like to see a listing of all the movies shot there: CHELSEA GIRLS, SID AND NANCY, 9 1/2 WEEKS, CHELSEA name a few. I'm sure there are more.

Maybe include a couple stills from each to show the possible ambiance. I'm not sure the shot of Kate Winslet does the joint justice. Patti Smith wasn't available?

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