Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 28, 1978

I was finished with school - done - and lost. Yet, on July 28, 1978, I was found.
I was working dead-end nowheresville in a grocery store - Franks' Finer Foods - stocking shelves. The afterglow of my recent high school graduation dulled. College - or the prospect of it - loomed.

By the time I graduated high school, I was fond of three things: beer, drive-in movies and chicks (sorry - I'm not intentionally being sexist but when I was 17 chicks were, well, chicks) - in that order.
And I liked the money I was earning as a grocery store stock boy. I bought a 1978 Camaro that year, sparkling maroon with a V-6 and a chassis rattling stereo system (that I installed myself: Alpine receiver, DLK speakers).

College, though, was this thing that hovered in the back of my addled brain and the thought of it literally freaked me out - a fear almost dibilitating. My friends were going away and seemed to be looking forward to it. I couldn't understand that. I didn't want to leave.

July 28, 1978, changed my point of view. While I didn't "go away" to college in the classic sense (I stayed home and went to a local University), July 28, 1978 gave me reason to push forward and, frankly, a reason to live.

On July 28, 1978, this was released:

...and my future - though not on Delta House levels - was written.

Thank you John Landis - for the inspiration you gave me to further my education.

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