Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I love Google Street View mapping and use it to spark memories more than I do for finding locations. With Street View mapping, you can focus in on the places you've been in your life resulting in a sort of flashback experience that can't be achieved using an Atlas.

Using Street View, I like getting down to street level to virtually "walk" around the neighborhood where I grew up, seeing my old house and how the neighborhood has changed since I was last there physically. I also like to zero in on vacation areas, New York City and even places I've never been. Haven't been to Pompeii? Well you can Street View it. Sure, it's not quite like being there but it may be as close as you're going to get without leaving your house!

Microsoft's upcoming "Street Slide" mapping system (which I first saw on Digital Buzz Blog) is a game changer in this arena because it allows you even more control on how you maneuver through your streets of choice. The system provides a true panoramic view of the search area allowing quick scanning and zooming capabilities. Addresses float above buildings and are "hot-linked" so that when you click on an address you automatically zoom right to the front of the building. You can then scan the street on street level or back to panoramic view.

"Street Slide" has made Street View mapping an even more emotional experience. Plus you can actually use it to find stuff.

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