Friday, July 30, 2010


...As an "intrusion."

Check out the privacy-info graphic developed via research done by WordStream Internet Marketing (WSIM) on the SMI blog and scroll down to the Google Street View section. Here it says that 57% of just over 1,300 people surveyed regard street mapping as an intrusion and is seen as a "service for burglars."

Interesting when you think about how much information people post about themselves on social sites like Facebook. According to the WSIM research, 23% of Facebook users don't know about the site's privacy controls, or bother to use them. 26% post photos of their kids, including their names and ages alongside the photos. 7% list their full street address while 3% reveal when they're away from home.

And people are worried about street mapping?

Hey folks, "burglars" can physically walk or drive up and down a street and get the same information that shows on street mapping. But if you're posting all your personal info on Facebook without any regard to privacy and if you're letting people know exactly where you live, who your kids are, and when you're not home...enticing a "burglar" is probably the least of your worries.

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