Friday, July 2, 2010


I've been asked by a client to give them a "social media" tutorial because they feel the need to jump into this arena. They're a professional association for a specific industry with a company membership of just over 60.

They have a strong web presence, active membership and their events almost always sell out. They have great information to not only share within their membership but to anybody who is not a member who may need services and products that members supply.

But why social media?

This association wants more (as does everybody) and they think social media will give them this "more."

The problem is they don't know exactly what this "more" is (more members, more attendees at their events, more exposure in their industry, etc.) and they don't know how "social media" will give them this "more."

"Everybody's doing it. So we have to do it."

Whether it's using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media outlets available, this client needs to be able to answer what the "more" is they're looking for and how social media can give this to them.

So the "tutorial" they want from me isn't an overview of social media. They need to tell me what they want to accomplish with social media. Then I can give them the rundown on the best tools that can benefit their association.

I know the bottom line. No doubt, this client needs a social media presence. They just need to know why and what the "more" is they're looking for.


If you're wondering about social media marketing, I can't say it any better than marketing strategist and author David Meerman Scott here.

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